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Crosley CR6001A Record/CD/Cassette Turntable

Manufacturer: CROSLEY RADIO
Price: $199.99 

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1 x Audio Line In1 x Headphone1 x Stereo Audio Line Out1 x USB110 V AC18 W33.33rpm45rpm78rpm90 Day

  • CR6001A Archiver Record/CD/Cassette Turntable
  • 45 RPM Adapter
  • 3.5mm Stereo Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Software Disc
  • Software Installation Guide
  • LED Display
  • Speaker : 2 x 5W
  • Tuning Knob
  • Play/Pause button
  • Stop/Eject button
  • Fast Forward button
  • Rewind button
  • Program button
  • Open/Close button
  • Volume Knob
  • Function Switch
  • Power button
  • Band button
  • Backward Skip
  • Forward Skip
  • With technology evolving everyday, it's become a sad life for a vinyl record. Once ahead of its time with new, amazing sound. now tossed aside in dusty boxes, basements and attics in favor of cold, shiny metallic discs and insensitive plastic hand-held devices. Is that the treatment a true audio pioneer deserves. Don't let your mistreated vinyl slowly fade away - revive it digitally with the Crosley Archiver USB Turntable. Simply connect your PC with the provided USB cable and install the included software to rip and edit your vinyl directly to digital audio format for playback on all your cutting edge devices. Users will appreciate three playing speeds (33-1/3, 45, and 78 rpm) so you can play and transfer your entire collection. Utilize this device to spin records, play cassettes and CDs, or tune in your favorite station on the analog AM/FM tuner.

    AM/FM TunerCD-DACD-RCR6001ACR6001A Archiver Record/CD/Cassette TurntableCR6001A-PACrosleyCrosley Radio CorporationMP3PaprikaRecord/CD/Cassette

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