Price: $249.00  
Shipping: $2.95

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Phiaton Music Docking Station for iPod/ MP3s

Manufacturer: PHIATON
Price: $249.00 
Shipping: $2.95

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Phaiton MS 600 Black Moderna Series is a music docking station for iPod and other music sources. This stereo system was designed for style and superb sound.

  • Delivers superior audio quality for any entertainment space with a sleek, modern style that features opulent color accents
  • Speakers are built with a double shelled structure, which prevents sound leakage
  • Designed and constructed to deliver analog style sound and its Wave Guide offers a rich bass response
  • Premium bass reflex structure powers its speakers to deliver high definition and full-bodied bass with an applied D-class amplifier to maximize clean and powerful sound
  • Sleek, modern style and push-button remote control make this digital music system fun to own and easy to operate
  • Available in black color option
  • Max power: 25 watts
  • Dimension: 14 inches wide x 7.5 inches deep x 5 inches high
  • Weight: 4.8 pounds
  • Includes: Remote control, AC/DC adapter, universal iPod adapters for iPod series, audio cable, international power adapter clips, A set of two (2) AAA batteries and an owner's guide

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