ybf Automatic Eyebrow Pencil Duo

Manufacturer: ybf beauty
Price: $20.00 

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ybf Automatic Eyebrow Pencil Duo Eyebrows frame and define your face, so don't settle for a less-than-alluring look! These eyebrow pencils match any color and there's no need for sharpening - just twist up, apply and accentuate for a completely beautiful look. What You Get (2) .005 oz. Automatic Eyebrow Pencils in Universal Taupe color What It Does Gives customizable color and natural-looking brows Flatters and enhances all brow colors Features Specially formulated for easy application in short, feathery strokes Match any brow hair color by applying more or less pressure Brow brush on one end completes that perfectly groomed look Made in Korea

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